Deepjyoti Biswas

An Indian Professional Tour Guide.

A great photographer and good man. His amazing sense of composition makes the picture talk of its story. I use his image in promotion of tourism for Calcutta and hopefully you will find it great having him helping you shaping your dream pictures. Keep up the good work man it's always great doing business!

Greg Samonte

From New York

I'm a big fan of Indranil's work. In particular, his black and white photos of Varanasi and Kolkata are always a pleasant treat on my Facebook timeline.

    The three things I always get when staring at one of his photos are:
  • Shock - Similar to what it feels when jumping straight into a deep and cold swimming pool. Unless you're already living in the exact same place as the photo, the change in scenario is very sudden. Each photo gives me a new perspective of the world - it tells me that there are places and existences in the world that are very different from my own.
  • Immersion - This comes after shock. Each photo has a subject that is very interesting on its own. More than a different world from my own, it's the discovery of a different life from my own - a life whose experiences I can only really imagine. Beyond the subject, there are a multitude of things in each photo that tell me more - what that world looks like and how it feels.
  • Appreciation - Simply put, each photo is beautiful, and carefully taken and prepared. Self-explanatory!

Sam Hillman

CEO of Be Amazed Media, UK

Indranil's photography is incredible. The image I purchased is very unique and one of a kind. I'd definitely recommend his services.

Tania Mukherjee

Works at Bureau of Economic Geology at the University of Texas at Austin

From Austin,Texas

Great photography.. He covered our wedding and gave us some amazing pic. He is very hardworking and friendly and great to work with.